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 From 11:5pm on Sunday 21st June 2020, Longbeach PLACE will be able to resume Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi Groups.  Please call 9776 1386 if you have any questions regarding when you group will be recommence.

For the latest information regarding Covid-19 restrictions, please click on the following link:  https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/victorias-restriction-levels-covid-19


As of 21st June, Longbeach PLACE now have a building capacity of 20 people but this will not affect the meeting of the groups due to room capacity dimensions and very limited group crossover.  We will continue to monitor and update.

Longbeach PLACE Staff





10th June 2020


Hi Everyone,

Hope you have been keeping well!

Despite the easing of restrictions which have been announced that would allow our Centre to open from 1st June, we are reopening Longbeach PLACE on Monday 22nd June.  Centre practices will abide by current government (Federal, State and Local) restrictions.

Longbeach PLACE has chosen to take a phased approach to reopening. The following groups and activities will be resuming in-person at Longbeach PLACE from 22nd June:

  • Walk ‘N’ Talk Group
  • Chelsea Probus
  • Bayside Book Group
  • Oakwood School
  • Al-Anon
  • AA

The following groups will be resuming in-person at Longbeach PLACE from the start of Term 3 (13th July):

  • English as an Additional Language
  • Piano/Keyboard Group
  • Colour My World
  • Chelsea Social Group
  • Craft Group – Unfinished Objects
  • Introduction to Windows 10 – Level 3
  • Kingston Community Education Centre
  • APM Employment Services
  • Australian Shareholders Association
  • Joblife Employment

The following groups and activities will be resuming at a later date:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Tai Chi
  • Reflexology

Office hours will resume as normal from Monday 13th July:
Monday to Thursday        9:30am to 3:30pm
Friday                                  9:30am to 3pm

Office Hours During School Holidays:

  • Monday                              OFFICE CLOSED
  • Tuesday to Thursday        10am to 1pm
  • Friday                                  OFFICE CLOSED

Longbeach PLACE will be cleaned twice daily (wet areas) and once daily (dry areas). This cleaning will be done by an accredited Covid-19 safe cleaner.

The following procedures are requested to be followed by everyone (general group members/participants) at Longbeach PLACE:

  1. Please refrain from entering the Longbeach PLACE building if you have any of the following: *High temperature *A fever or respiratory symptoms *Cold or flu symptoms such as sneezing, coughing or a runny nose *Children or family members with cold or flu symptoms *If you are feeling unwell or have returned home from overseas travel, please do not enter the Longbeach PLACE building until you have completed 14 days of self-isolation. *If you are an older adult with a pre-existing medical condition, please take extra precautions.
  2. Illness: Please inform us if you have any of the following symptoms as soon as you enter the premises: *Fever *Cough *Cold *Sore Throat If you start to feel unwell during your class, please leave the class.  Let your teacher and the office staff know and we will do what we can to help.
  3. Sign In: Everyone must sign in at reception upon entry to Longbeach PLACE. After Hours Sign In: Everyone please sign in upon entry to Longbeach PLACE using the book  placed next to the hand sanitiser dispenser near reception.
  4. Payment of Fees: We strongly encourage the payment of fees by using a credit card or an eftpos card rather than cash.
  5. Hand and Respiratory Hygiene: Upon entering the Longbeach PLACE building, everyone is expected to practice proper hand and respiratory hygiene at all times.  Please ensure you use the hand sanitiser upon entry.  The dispenser is located to the right as you walk through the single door into the reception foyer.  Thank you. Students/participants are encouraged to carry with them their own supply of tissues and hand sanitiser while at Longbeach PLACE.
  6. Adherence to Room Physical Capacity: Each of the Longbeach PLACE meeting rooms have the following room capacities:
    Room1:                6 people seated at tables, 3 seated not at tables
    Room 2:              6 people seated at tables, 3 seated not at tables
    Room 3:              7 people seated at tables, including the teacher/group leader
    Room 4:              4 people seated at tables
    Room 6:              6 people seated at tables, 2 not seated at tables (If as a group convener/teacher you need to change rooms to allow for more capacity, please contact a member of our staff to organise this and your request will be accommodated if possible).
  7. Social Distancing: Participants/students are to maintain the recommended 1.5m distance from others.
  8. Dish Cleaning: Please place used dishes and cutlery into the sink of anti-bacterial water set up in the kitchen.  The dishes and cutlery will then be organised to go into the dishwasher by a member of staff.  Please feel free to bring your own cup, spoon or water bottle if you prefer.



Extra Responsibilities for Group Conveners/Teachers

  1. Please remind your group/class at the start of each session about keeping 1.5m apart at all times.
  2. Please keep accurate records for contact tracing should that be necessary, and ask the following questions: *Have you been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with Covid-19? *Have you returned from overseas recently and self-isolated for 2 weeks?
  3. Hand sanitiser is to be used before using equipment. Regular breaks are to be provided for the purpose of hand sanitising.
  4. Please organise someone in your group to wipe down chairs/tables after the group/class has finished using the room, or please do so yourself. (Disposable gloves and anti-bacterial wipes will be located in the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet near the copier). Also, please organise someone in your group to place the used cups etc. into the Milton anti-bacterial solution that is set up in the kitchen.

Even with the above practices in place, we know that many of you may still feel uncomfortable attending our Centre from 22nd June.  If this is the case, please check with your convener as to whether or not your activity is also offered online via Zoom.

We encourage everyone to be involved with our Centre’s activities as connecting, even online, can support positive mental health during these difficult times. It is also apparent that we need to prepare for a Covid-19 “normal” for some time, rather than waiting for the old “business as usual” to reappear.

Thank you for your co-operation and support.


Regards from Longbeach PLACE


Could you please complete the following short survey:-

  1. General Members: Please let the office know if there are any courses you would like to see offered online.
  1. Group Conveners: Please let the office know if you would be interested in running an online course in the future and in what topic/s.                                                                                                          Thank You.

Following is a link that provides daily updates from the Victorian Government regarding Covid-19:
https://www.dhhs.vic.gov.au/coronavirus-covid-19-daily-update.   Stay safe and well.